Welcome to the world of Turtle

And what a fantastic world it is!
Diligently serving the travel industry since its inception, Turtle Down Under focuses on all things Australia and is committed to helping travellers explore this exotic paradise. We specialize in curating to the “ever excited, always curious” traveller and work hard to provide instant solutions to agencies as they support their customers. In the end, Turtle Down Under has one mission and one mission alone – to delight the customer and satisfy their ever-growing sense of wanderlust.

Why choose Turtle Down Under?
Turtle Down Under offers the latest in cutting-edge technology tailor made to support travel agents with their bookings. Our SHELL technology makes it easier than ever to add, edit and sell incredible tours and holiday packages in 60 seconds or less for even the busiest traveller. We offer an extensive selection of itineraries make it easy to provide packages to customers specifically tailored to their needs, and can be customized with just the click of a button. Bring an end to those pesky long wait times, and provide your customer with succinct quotes and itineraries in mere seconds. With a platform so flexible and easy to use, the days of the overloaded travel agent are over.

But that’s not all!
With Turtle Down Under, the service doesn’t end with the booking. In these uncertain times, often travellers have found themselves stranded and unable to complete their travels as initially planned. Therefore at Turtle Down Under, we work hard to ensure your customers never face any such problems on their trip, by offering the best-in-class concierge service. From providing bilingual vehicle drivers to daily travel updates, we ensure that your customer’s experience is as relaxed and stress-free as possible. With our 24/7 on-call concierge support, your clients can experience pure peace of mind, knowing that should any problem arise, we are but a mere phone call away, any time, anywhere.

So what are you waiting for?
Contact us now to access a demo of our platform, and find out how easy life can be with Turtle Down Under.

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