A legend has passed.

A final goodbye
The Melbourne Cricket Ground was filled with memories on the 30th of march, honouring former Australia test cricketer Shane Warne. Shane’s contributions to his sport, the state, and the country itself magnify the passion he had for cricket. After Shane Warne’s retirement in 2007, he played for 4 years in the Indian Premier League. Warne served both as a player and mentor for Rajasthan Royals and became the captain of the team when they won the inaugural IPL in 2008, beating Dhoni’s Chennai Super Kings in the final.

Shane Warne’s children unveiled their fond memories of their dad and took a trip down memory lane. ‘My dad just wanted to be the best dad he could be’ said Brooke Warne as she continues to describe her beloved dad and his everlasting legacy. All three of Shane Warne’s children spoke at the memorial amongst a sea of onlookers, everyone cherishing their fond memories of Shane Warne.

Remembering the good
Many performances took place, with Ed Sheeran playing Shane’s favourite song as well as Robbie Williams performing Angels in tribute.  Actor Glenn Robbins recalled his experiences playing golf with Shane Warne saying ‘I used to play gold with him as well and it was hard because he had such a full life, and he would tell the best stories’ reminiscing core memories he has with Warne.

Andrea Egan spoke on behalf of the UN wildlife fund and commended Warne’s work which had begun last year, showing his responsibility as an Australian to protect the wildlife ‘when he joined, he expressed his hope of trying to rewrite the future and protecting animals and their habitat’

Shane Warne has impacted many lives throughout his life, from being one of the best cricketers, a father, a friend, a brother, a husband, a son, to a lover of all animals. Warne has left his mark on all of us. The MCG’s atmosphere was quiet and sentimental in memory of Shane Warne.


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