Major changes – pre-departure tests no longer required

The news we’ve been waiting for
As the restrictions are easing around the world, it is imminent t for travel restrictions to ease as well. The Health Minister, Greg Hunt confirmed a plethora of changes on how COVID-19 is handled in Australia commencing from the 17th of April. Previously, travellers would need to show a negative RAT or PCR test before boarding, even if they were up to date with vaccinations.

Restrictions of cruise ships and anti-price gouging penalties for rapid antigen tests will end as Mr. Hunt confirms he will not be renewing the COVID-19 biosecurity orders. “The country is ready to move on from the emergency declaration made two years and one month ago. I will not be renewing the biosecurity emergency determination,” from Mr Hunt during a press conference on the Gold Coast. This was much-needed news for travellers who are up to date with vaccinations and want to travel with no extra hurdles to worry about.

Mask mandates remain during domestic and international flights and travellers will need to provide proof that they have received 2 doses of the COVID-19 vaccine.

Normalizing Australia
It is great to see changes in restrictions for travellers as many individuals are eagerly waiting to reunite with their families. Australia is on track to move on from the pandemic and is heading towards the normalcy we have all been craving for. It is important to mention that individuals are advised to be mindful of their health and if any symptoms occur, a RAT or PCR test must be done immediately.

Though individuals will have to wait longer before being offered the fourth dose of the vaccine, for vulnerable travellers, the story is different. Including those over the age of 65 and individuals who are immunocompromised are encouraged to receive an additional ‘winter dose’ of the COVID-19 jab.

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