A mutual partnership between Australia and India to benefit tourism, economy and education

Substantial growth for the tourism industry

It appears the world is returning to some sort of normalcy after the pandemic. On the 22nd March 2022, Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison and his Indian counterpart Narendra Modi took part in a virtual meeting to discuss the mutual growth for the two countries as Australia is set to invest over $200 million to bump up the economic relations with India. This investment will include partnerships in education, research, green steel, and space.

The multi-million-dollar investment proves to be a substantial growth for the tourism industry, amongst the investment talks, the Indian and Australian Prime Ministers, Narendra Modi, and Scott Morrison also discussed the recognition of Indian higher education degrees in Australia and vice versa. This allows international students to continue their education and travel at the same time with no hiccups.

Australia’s tourism industry is bound to gain some serious traction from India in the following years due to the investment. Benefiting from investment, international students and travellers will be greeted with much more opportunity than ever. Australia and India are bridging the gap in more than you think, the social and economic growth will grant a bright future for individuals wanting to travel.

A social and economic bond between Australia and India

Most importantly, this apposes as a piece of bright news for international travellers, as the solidarity between the two countries serves as a gateway for more travel opportunities. Economic growth is a leeway to support jobs and business in both countries.

Australia’s Minister for Trade, Tourism, and Investment Dan Tehan on Tuesday 22nd March said his government is committed to the India Economic Strategy and “its ambitious goals to lift India into its top three export markets by 2035″. A promising advancement, which will lead to social and economic growth between both the countries.

Tehan stated the keys areas of Australia’s $200 million investment, $17.2 million will be invested towards Australia-India Strategic Research Fund, $35.7 million for a Green Steel Partnership, $25.2 million to expand the Australian Space Agency’s International Space Investment initiative and $28.1 million to launch a Centre for Australia-India Relations to deepen community ties.

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