The cage of death – Australia’s only crocodile dive

Your clients will have the ultimate immersive experience swimming with crocodiles at Crocosaurus Cove in Northern Territory. Turtle Down Under offers a wide selection of travel plans to suit any travel agent looking to freshen up their itineraries for travellers.

The ultimate experience
Travellers will experience a thrilling 15-minute face-to-face encounter as they are carefully lowered into the water with a large saltwater crocodile. This Cage of Death experience offers swimmers a thrilling and fun experience in a controlled environment, so the overall experience is enriching for both the individuals and the crocodile.

A big bite!
Regular feeding occurs throughout the experience to encourage the crocodile’s natural predatory instinct, allowing the swimmers to witness the croc’s infamous 3-tonne bite under the supervision of trained crocodile handlers.
Your clients will love a well-planned trip to Australia’s Northern Territory. Turtle Down Under allows travel agents to pick and choose travel packages to customize and sell! Create the perfect itinerary for your clients and be the expert.


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