Fun at the Melbourne Zoo

Something wild
The Melbourne Zoo has been an iconic destination for all animal-loving travellers. Over the years, the zoo has added many attractions to its ever-growing list of species that are showcased. Visiting Melbourne should be at the top of your client’s list as the native wildlife is something they don’t want to miss. The Melbourne Zoo is not only focused on the animals’ well-being but as well as protecting them, your clients will learn so much more about Australian wildlife during the zookeeper talks.

With plenty of animal encounters, your clients can get up close and personal with some of the wildlife under the supervision of a zookeeper. They can walk through marine life, butterfly sanctuary, bird conservation, and reptile exhibit to experience the vast collection of Australia’s vibrant wildlife.

Nature play space
To keep the kids busy and happy, the Melbourne Zoo has exhibited a nature play space that includes lots of nature-related activities. Kids will experience building a Gorilla nest, building a Gorilla observation tent, guided nature play activities, and roaming puppet play.

One of the many well-known attractions which are popular amongst kids is the giant tortoise. Weighing up to 250kgs, these slow-moving gentle giants munch on grass, herbs, leaves, and woody stems to fill their bellies.  The opposite of the giant tortoise is the Little penguin, the smallest of Australia’s species, weighing around 1.5kgs. Kids and penguin-loving adults will have a blast watching these little guys zipping through the water.

Much much more!
There is so much more to discover at the Melbourne Zoo, so why not offer your clients an itinerary full of fun activities to do in Melbourne? Utilize Turtle Down Under’s travel packages to create the perfect travel plan for your clients. Be the expert at what you do while using our state-of-the-art Shell Technology. Visit Turtle Down Under to learn more about us and login / Sign up and get selling!


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