Greatopia Down Under

Ready to be mesmerized by great views? Well, the Great Ocean Road is ready to take you on! Travel to Melbourne in Victoria and drive along the beautiful Great Ocean Drive as you glance at the nature-made rock formations and feel the cool breeze from the ocean. Turtle Down Under offers an array of readymade travel packages for agents to customize for every traveller. Tailor every aspect of an itinerary and be the expert at what you do while partnering with Turtle Down Under. Add Melbourne as one of the top destinations on your client’s itinerary and let them experience the Greatopia.

It’s all about the journey!
The drive on the Great Ocean Road is an unforgettable experience, driving with family or friends, the scenic view will be the icing on the cake. The drive along will allow travellers to view the rock formations named the 12 apostles sprinkled through the course of the drive, offering an exciting experience when spotted. There are many stops along the drive for travellers to pull over for a few and take in the visuals. There are many experiences that lie ahead, including a helicopter ride, offering an aerial view of the Great Ocean Road and the 12 Apostles.

The 12 apostles situated at Great Ocean Road will spice up anyone’s vacation photos, with their naturally intriguing form and enormous size, every traveller is bound to be mesmerized. Travellers will enjoy Australia’s backyard with a fantastic view when they’re visiting Greatopia, with great restaurants, bars and parks, there is something for everyone in the family. Down Under has much more to offer than the traditional tourist spots, travellers will be able to discover much more about mother nature as they uncover forests, blowholes, volcanic lakes, and craters. Ensure your traveller’s itinerary isn’t too full or they might miss out on the other wonders of Down Under!

What are you waiting for?
Turtle Down Under has multiple travel tours and accommodation packages for you to discover. Simply customise to suit any travellers needs and create memorable experiences in just seconds! Sign up today and gain access to Australia’s best unique travel packages on your agent dashboard. Be the expert at what you do when you work with TDU.

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