Lessen your impact

A global problem
We’re all more aware of the current impact of plastic use on the planet. The question is, are we doing enough to reverse our mistakes? At Turtle Down Under, we believe in promoting the use of recyclable or reusable materials to preserve and hopefully replenish our earth’s health. The plastic waste island floats in the Pacific Ocean, measuring up to 1.6 million Km². There is no better time than now for each one of us to take action to save the earth.

The presence of plastic has plagued our lives for a very long time now, after all, it is used in every form of packaging, toothbrushes, textiles, mobile phones, and even cosmetic ingredients. The use of plastic in our everyday objects causes the act of giving it up completely very difficult, not just for the everyday individuals but it comes at a big price for large operating businesses. Recyclable packaging and organic ingredients come at a price, is it worth saving our planet?

Doing the right thing
The impacts of plastic have worsened to the point that governments are finally proposing ways to reduce the impact on the planet. Travelers are one of the big contributors to single-use plastic waste, you can carry reusable cutlery, bags, bottles, and straws to be mindful on your vacation.

To put everything into perspective,
– Over 500 billion plastic bottles are produced worldwide every year.
– In 2020, we generated more than 500 million tons of plastic, 900% more compared to 1980.
– Our oceans are home to over 150 million tons of waste.
– By 2025, the ocean could contain more plastic than fish

We at Turtle Down Under work together to do our best every day, our team is consciously using reusable water bottles, straws, and even tote bags to lessen the impact of single-use plastic. It is crucial to preserve the quality of the planet as much as possible for the well-being of our own lives as well as future generations. Your shopping bag may be single-use but our planet is not. Let’s all do our part.


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