Make your clients feel adventurous with their family at Sea Life – Penguin Expedition Boat Ride

The Penguin Expedition Boat Ride will be reopening on the 11th of March, making it a great attraction for your clients who want to travel to Sydney to experience Sea Life.

The world-first-of-it-kind penguin exhibit raft ride will allow your clients to enjoy the species of King and Gentoo Penguins up close like never before. The Sea Life in Sydney offers a spectacular experience for individuals and kids alike to enjoy creatures of the ocean. Within different exhibits, Sea World showcases penguins, sharks, jellyfish, stingrays, and turtles.

Board The Boat!

Penguin Expedition Boat Ride employs a continuous chain of boats carrying 6 guests at a time, the expedition will take its passengers through a waterway, allowing passengers to view the penguins from just meters away! Your clients will be able to experience these species, watch them interact and slide across the ice and even dive into the water.

Penguin Expedition Boat Ride is inspired by Macquarie Island which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site that is in the southwest Pacific Ocean, halfway between New Zealand and Antarctica. It’s home to the King and Gentoo and many other penguin species. The boat ride takes you along an up close and personal ride of Sea World’s King and Gentoo penguin’s home, including emulation of whistling wings, stunning southern lights, and flurries of snow.

During the boat ride, your clients can see the penguins being fed, sometimes they can catch the penguins being fed in a pool as tourists can watch them glide through the water and catch their lunch. The fun doesn’t end at Sea Life as there are many more ocean species to explore through your journey.

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