The new West

Take a dive
Turtle Down Under is celebrating sea week, celebrating the significance and beauty of our native marine life all over Western Australia. From bright colours to interesting mannerisms, Australian marine life truly takes the cake when it comes to uniqueness.
Western Australia is home to several events for travellers to enjoy on their vacation. The Ocean Film Festival, turtle, and bird talks as well as environmental awareness talks will fill travellers’ day up with fun things to do and learn. Travellers can join the community events designed to inform and inspire as they pair their fun-filled vacation with learning about sustainable travelling, so why not combine sea week with your holiday?

It doesn’t end there!
Western Australia has a variety of beaches and shores to explore, as well as the world’s most protected marine life. Sea week in Western Australia allows travellers to get up close and personal with marine life to admire their beauty and learn more about them. This side of Australia also has access to many islands and caves for travellers to explore, with a full view of the ocean, travellers will never want to leave Rottnest Island. With plenty of water activities and day trips to fill up the day, any holiday in Western Australia will be a great one!

What are you waiting for?
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