Make life easier with our travel templates

Giving you a stress-free experience
At Turtle Down Under we are all about offering wonderful experiences for everyone. Our latest advancement within our campaign has been offering travel templates to minimize stress, save some time and provide you with a solution to form a better connection with your clients.

Reassuring clients with your knowledge about the Turtle Down Under’s travel packages you offer will not only boost their confidence in you but also help you reach a broader audience. The travel template we will be offering will be sent out via WhatsApp messages, the message will include a brief description of the location we will be targeting for the week, a few facts about the location to get yourself familiarized as well as the template itself, which includes an image of the country, a space for you to add your logo, a price as well as a short description of your choice.

It’s easy as pie
Selling with Turtle Down Under’s travel templates and become a master at your craft. With technology and templates so easy to use, you will be amazed at how easy it is to get travel packages out there. Keep an eye out for weekly updates and travel templates to always stay up to date on the latest destinations for your clients to discover.

Get it done in 60 seconds
It is extremely important to be aware of consumer trends and needs when it comes to creating the perfect travel itinerary. With TDU’s travel packages, you don’t have to worry about any of that because we do all the hard work for you! Our latest cutting-edge Shell Technology makes it so all you have to do is add, edit, and sell.

Why us?
You might be thinking, why choose Turtle Down Under? Because it is your one stop shop for all your needs of course! Sign up with Turtle Down Under and discover a wide selection of travel packages on your agent dashboard, all put together in one place by our team of experts for you to simply edit and sell in under 60 seconds. Enjoy speed and efficiency like never before with Turtle Down Under.

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