Lessen your impact

A global problemWe’re all more aware of the current impact of plastic use on the planet. The question is, are we doing enough to reverse our mistakes? At Turtle Down Under, we believe in promoting the use of recyclable or reusable materials to preserve and hopefully replenish our earth’s health. The plastic waste island floats …

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Northern vacation

The season of travel has arrived and Northern Territory is ready for all travellers. Travellers can now experience the great Down Under and quench their thirst for a Northern vacation. It’s time to get packing and travelling this Dry Season, Northern Territory has been one of the most sought after destination for international travellers, mainly …

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The new West

Take a diveTurtle Down Under is celebrating sea week, celebrating the significance and beauty of our native marine life all over Western Australia. From bright colours to interesting mannerisms, Australian marine life truly takes the cake when it comes to uniqueness.Western Australia is home to several events for travellers to enjoy on their vacation. The …

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How to be a sustainable traveller.

What do we mean by sustainable travel?There are many misconceptions about sustainable travel and what it truly means. Individuals often think of sustainability as reducing the environmental footprint, but in fact, it is much more inclusive and collective than that. Sustainable travelling is all about attaining equilibrium between human wellbeing, environmental health, and economic growth. …

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Make life easier with our travel templates

Giving you a stress-free experienceAt Turtle Down Under we are all about offering wonderful experiences for everyone. Our latest advancement within our campaign has been offering travel templates to minimize stress, save some time and provide you with a solution to form a better connection with your clients. Reassuring clients with your knowledge about the …

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The Horizontal Falls should be on everyone’s bucket list!

Greatest Natural WonderA sight to see in Talbot Bay, McLarty Range where rich blue water flows through two narrow gorges, a true breath-taking visual. Your clients will not get over the stunning waterfall as it rushes into the rest of the ocean, creating massive ripples, resembling abstract works of art. Described by David Attenborough as …

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